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Video Message from Irina Bokova

Video message from Ms Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO on the occasion of the 3rd Conference on Media Development in Myanmar: Moving Towards a Sustainable Media Environment


Excellency Minister of Information, Mr U Ye Htut, Excellencies, Distinguished Guests, I am honoured to address this 3rd Conference on Media Development.

There have been great changes in Myanmar’s media landscape over the past two years.

This reflects the commitment of the Government to place media reform at the heart of the country’s social, political and economic development, and I see this Conference as a further step towards change.

This is an opportunity to explore, with all stakeholders, the challenges the media sector is facing and to build consensus in tackling them together.

Most of all, this is a chance for all to renew their commitment to the importance of independent, free and pluralistic media for freedom of expression, for good governance, for the rule of law.

This calls for protecting the rights of journalists.

It means strengthening media independence by promoting professional standards and self-regulation.

This means also empowering women, young people and all marginalized groups with the skills to exercise their rights.

The way forward is through inclusion, through dialogue and through partnership.

This guides all of UNESCO’s work, in partnership with the United States of America, the European Union, with other United Nations agencies, with the Deutsche Welle Akademie, International Media Support, Canal France International and many others—to support media legislation, to advance media literacy, and to build capacity through the Myanmar Journalist Institute and the Department of Journalism in the National Management College.

Rest assured, UNESCO will continue its leading role in supporting the Government to create a free and safe environment for media workers in Myanmar.

In this spirit, I thank the Government of Myanmar once again, along with all UNESCO partners.

I wish you fruitful discussions and look forward to their conclusions.